Foundation Council Welcomes Kat Imhoff


The Foundation is pleased to welcome Kat Imhoff to its Council, a dedicated group of goodwill ambassadors who work closely with the Board of Directors and staff to provide advice and assist with raising funds and building awareness.

Kat Imhoff

“Kat has been a friend to the Foundation for years and has been an important ally in raising awareness for this game-changing technology,” said Foundation Chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD. “We are delighted to formalize her involvement with the Foundation by welcoming her to the Council.”

Kat is currently senior conservation fellow at the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC), one of the most effective community-based environmental groups in the country. PEC is dedicated to conserving land, promoting sustainability, and improving people’s access to nature.

Kat has extensive management experience, having most recently served as President and CEO of James Madison’s Montpelier and the State Director for The Nature Conservancy in Montana.

Before her leadership role at The Nature Conservancy, Kat served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, which owns and operates Monticello.

Not one to shy away from big ideas, Kat’s interest in focused ultrasound stems from her fascination with novel approaches to age-old problems. Her innovative thinking, leadership, and energy has had a transformational effect on the organizations she had led. During Kat’s tenure at Montpelier, the organization secured $11 million from David M. Rubenstein toward the restoration and refurnishing of Madison’s home and the reconstruction of enslaved community sites. The gift also made possible the permanent exhibition, The Mere Distinction of Colour, which has garnered multiple national awards since its opening in June 2017.

Kat also led a successful $490 million effort at the Nature Conservancy in Montana to conserve an ecologically intact unit of 310,000 acres of land in the Northern Rockies that serves as an environmentally protected migratory corridor extending from Wyoming across Montana to Canada.

Kat’s interest in focused ultrasound is very personal. “Years ago my brother-in-law died from a brain tumor, and it was so clear that we didn’t have all the weapons we needed for such a horrific circumstance. The Focused Ultrasound Foundation is a source of inspiration, looking for new ways to combat serious disease and improve quality of life. I’m very honored to be able to help in whatever small way I can.”