Foundation Chairman Presents Focused Ultrasound at Milken Global Conference


On May 3, Foundation Chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD, was invited to speak about focused ultrasound at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills.

In his first appearance of the day, Dr. Kassell was introduced by Foundation Council member Michael Milken. He spoke to the 4,500 attendees about the promise of focused ultrasound technology and introduced Vice President Joe Biden.

Please watch the first 15 minutes of the video below to see Dr. Kassell’s part of the program. The remainder of the clip includes Vice President Biden’s inspirational and entertaining talk, as well as a Q&A at the end with Milken and Biden.

Later that morning, Dr. Kassell also participated in a panel entitled “Things That Will Blow Your Mind.” The video is available below.
Please note that Dr. Kassell is the fourth and final speaker, and he goes on stage at the 44 minute mark.


“We were grateful for the opportunity to share the story of focused ultrasound with the distinguished and entrepreneurial group of thought leaders assembled at the Milken Conference,” said Kassell.