Foley Presents Keynote at Engineers’ Council Event


Foley Jessica square

The Foundation’s Chief Scientific Officer, Jessica Foley, PhD, was the Keynote Speaker at the annual banquet for the Richmond Joint Engineers’ Council on February 23.

Dr. Foley presented an overview of focused ultrasound, the state of the field, and how the Foundation is working to move the technology to patients as quickly as possible. The audience of about 200, which included engineers from industry and academia, students, and community leaders, was very engaged in learning more about the potential of focused ultrasound and had many questions about the real-world status of the technology and current challenges and barriers to its widespread accessibility.

The Richmond Joint Engineers’ Council (RJEC) is an all-volunteer coalition of engineering, scientific, and technical societies in the Richmond/Petersburg metropolitan areas of Virginia. RJEC promotes Engineering Education, and aims to enhance knowledge of the art and science of engineering within its member societies and the general public. Their activities include engagement in educational events in the community, sponsorship of several scholarships for Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia State University, and essay/video contests for middle school and high school students.