Focused Ultrasound Recognized as a Top Emerging Technology with Potential to Revolutionize Neurologic Care


Focused ultrasound has been recognized by Partners HealthCare as one of the “Disruptive Dozen” emerging technologies with the potential to revolutionize neurological and psychiatric care over the next decade.

The “Disruptive Dozen” were chosen via a rigorous nomination and selection process involving more than 50 neuroscience experts with a select panel of faculty ranking the finalists.

The experts rated focused ultrasound as disruptor #5, following early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s, stem cell therapy, smart brain prosthetics, and rapid intervention for psychiatric disorders. Focused ultrasound was selected by the experts for its ability to target tissues deep within the body through the use of sound waves, as opposed to incisions and radiation. According to the announcement by Partners HealthCare, “Focused ultrasound has the ability to revolutionize the treatment of conditions such as brain cancer and Alzheimer’s through its potential for greater precision and quicker patient recovery.”

Partners HealthCare is one of the nation’s leading biomedical research organizations and an integrated health system founded by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. The “Disruptive Dozen” were announced and featured as part of the company’s inaugural World Medical Innovation Forum, April 27-29, 2015.