Focused Ultrasound Global Interns Successfully Defend Award-Winning Medical Degree Theses


Key Points

  • Matteo Gionso and Nicoletta Corradino successfully defended their Medical Degree theses.
  • Drs. Gionso and Corradino were focused ultrasound global interns mentored by Francesco Prada, MD, neurosurgeon at C. Besta Neurological Institute.
  • Part of the Foundation’s mission is to cultivate the next generation of clinicians and researchers through its Scholars program.
Matteo Gionso, MD

Former focused ultrasound global interns Matteo Gionso, MD, and Nicoletta Corradino, MD, successfully defended their medical degree dissertation theses. Both students investigated the use of focused ultrasound to treat brain tumors. Dr. Gionso’s research evaluated the use of ultrasound to induce blood-brain barrier opening across a sonolucent polyolefin plate in an isolated, in vitro brain preparation. Dr. Corradino conducted her research on the use of fluorescein-mediated sonodynamic therapy in an intracranial malignant glioma mouse model.

Both students received their degree with laude and honors in medicine and surgery, and their theses were recognized as among the best research works at the graduation. Dr. Gionso and Dr. Corradino were mentored by Francesco Prada, MD, a neurosurgeon and former Merkin Scholar.

Nicoletta Corradino, MD

“We would like to express our gratitude to the Focused Ultrasound Foundation,” said Drs. Gionso and Corradino.

“Two years ago, I was selected for the global internship program under the mentorship of Dr. Prada,” said Dr. Gionso, who is a student at Humanitas University in Milan, Italy. “This opportunity started my path in the ultrasound world. Since then, my interest and dedication to ultrasound research grew steadily thanks to the countless opportunities given to me by my mentor. I have been invited to speak at international conferences and contribute to high-impact publications, something I value as fundamental in my growth as a physician-scientist. This would not have been possible without the support of the Foundation.”

Dr. Corradino, a student at Università degli Studi in Milan, added: “I would like to thank to my mentor, Dr. Prada, who guided me through every step of this project and to the Focused Ultrasound Foundation for the support. It has been an honor to be supported by the Foundation, and I look forward to continuing my focused ultrasound research during the next steps of my career.”

Congratulations to Dr. Gionso and Dr. Corradino on this important achievement!

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