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Focused Ultrasound Foundation Receives $1 Million Challenge Grant: Donors Can Double Their Impact


Charlottesville, VA (March 26, 2015) – The Focused Ultrasound Foundation, dedicated to improving lives by advancing a transformative non-invasive treatment technology, has received a one-year $1 million unrestricted challenge grant from an anonymous donor. The grant will match dollar-for-dollar the first $1 million given to support the Foundation’s programs in 2015.

“Focused ultrasound has shown great promise in treating a variety of serious illnesses, including cancers, brain disorders and painful pediatric conditions.  But medical device development can take decades, resulting in unnecessary disease, death and suffering,” explained Foundation Chairman, Dr. Neal Kassell. “This grant will help us to fund critical research and bring this revolutionary treatment to patients as soon as possible.”

“The Focused Ultrasound Foundation is the only philanthropy dedicated to accelerating a new therapeutic technology.  Their model is a new way to ensure progress at a time when the costs and challenges of bringing new treatments to patients have never been greater,” said Dr. Edward D. Miller, former chief executive officer of Johns Hopkins Medicine.  “I am honored to be associated with this organization and am grateful to the visionary donor who is inspiring others to give on behalf of patients around the world.”

The Foundation is the leading non-governmental funding source for focused ultrasound research in the world. Since its creation in 2006, the Foundation has sponsored 76 research projects in 10 countries. The Foundation’s investment of $4.8 million in projects that have been completed to date has resulted in more than $22 million in follow-on funding from government, industry, and other philanthropies.

You can multiply your impact and donate now by completing an online form. For more information on the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, or how you can help, visit or contact Mike Cashman 434-326-9831, or Nora Seilheimer, 434-326-9830,

Focused Ultrasound Foundation
The Focused Ultrasound Foundation was created to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide by accelerating the development and adoption of focused ultrasound therapies. The Foundation works to clear the path to global adoption by coordinating and funding research and educational activities, creating partnerships and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, and building awareness of the technology. The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that focused ultrasound finds its place as a mainstream therapy for a range of neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and stroke as well as uterine fibroids, cancer and other life-threatening conditions within years, not decades.