Focused Ultrasound for Movement Disorders Featured on "NeurologyLive" Cover


NeurologyLive august 2019 coverFocused ultrasound has earned FDA approval to treat two major movement disorders: essential tremor and tremor-dominant Parkinson’s disease. However, researchers are investigating a variety of ways in which this innovative technology could be used to address many other conditions. An article entitled “The Future of Focused Ultrasound: Movement Disorders and Beyond” in the August 2019 issue of NeurologyLive outlines such novel techniques as drug delivery, opening the blood-brain barrier, neuromodulation, immunomodulation, and more.

The author interviewed many of the leading researchers in focused ultrasound, including the Foundation’s chief medical officer, Tim Meakem, MD.

In all, the article is optimistic about the future potential of focused ultrasound to treat multiple brain conditions. It closes, “Because [focused ultrasound] is a noninvasive approach that can target specific brain regions, it has been a source of hope for clinicians and patients alike. Although further research is required, particularly long-term studies on optimizing the technical aspects of the procedure, this technology looks set to make its mark in movement disorders and beyond.”

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