Focused Ultrasound Clinical Trial Begins to Treat Peripheral Vascular Disease


International Cardio Corporation ICCInternational Cardio Corporation (ICC) recently announced the first-in-human use of focused ultrasound in an initial step to noninvasively treat plaques in peripheral arteries. The 15-patient Phase 1 trial is ongoing in the Netherlands, investigating the company’s SynthesizerTM device to thermally ablate and stabilize vulnerable and occlusive plaques.

“This study is a major step toward ICC’s goal of improving the quality of life for patients with peripheral vascular disease (PVD),” said David Lee, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our hope is to one day be able to intervene early and noninvasively to reduce the occurrence and mortality associated with stroke and to help those otherwise suffering from PVD.”

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, ICC was founded in 2007 with the objective to noninvasively treat vascular conditions. Since 2014, they have conducted various preclinical studies at the University of Minnesota using focused ultrasound to address PVD and hypertension.