Fibroid Relief Outreach Event


Patient support sometimes means putting the information out there in peoples’ hometowns so that they can come out and learn more…and that’s a big part of our outreach at Fibroid Relief in the coming months.  

We’re really excited to be hosting our first Fibroid Relief At Last Patient Support Outreach event in Chicago, Illinois on June 9th from 6-8 PM at Northwestern’s Prentiss Women’s Hospital (

Our goal is to bring the information to patients all over the country (and the world – we are planning an event in London in September – stay tuned!) and to give women an opportunity to learn about the full range of treatments available for fibroids, as well as put questions to a panel of experts.  

While our website offers a wealth of information about fibroids, the various treatment options, patient stories and current news on fibroids, we feel it’s good to get out into the communities and share this information face-to-face.  To register to attend this event, just go to the Fibroid Relief site and sign up

I look forward to updating you all on the outcome of our first event in Chicago as well as upcoming events in a city near you!

And don’t forget to…JOIN Fibroid Relief!

Joy Polefrone, PhD

Director of Patient Support Organizations, FUS Foundation

Executive Director, Fibroid Relief