ABC World News Features Focused Ultrasound Treatment for Essential Tremor


Focused ultrasound is once again in the headlines. On January 23, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer introduced its viewers to Phyllis Walker, a woman with essential tremor. She was one of the 15 volunteers treated in the recently completed FUS Foundation-funded study at the University of Virginia. Following her focused ultrasound treatment, her hand became steady enough to resume everyday activities. Phyllis said she was particularly happy to be able to write letters to her two grandsons who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Click the image below to view the report. 

ABC World News also posted an online report featuring Phyllis Walker and another clinical trial volunteer, Dot Highberg. For Highberg the surgery was a miracle.

ABC news screenshot play

Click here to read the online report.   

Update: ABC afflilates are also running a related story, but featuring a different patient.  An example of the circulating story is here:

ABC World News Screenshot play 2