Eight Summer Interns Assist in a Variety of Projects


Intern Group summer 2019 captionsThe Foundation’s internship program provides select advanced high school, college, and graduate students the opportunity to engage in a variety of different projects in collaboration with the Foundation’s staff members. Students this summer worked with the scientific team, development team, and even the information technology team to contribute to the field of focused ultrasound.

Foundation interns learn about focused ultrasound while observing the hard work and efforts necessary to raise awareness and promote the technology. The ultimate goal of the internship program is to empower future generations to pursue a career that could potentially advance the development and adoption of novel medical technologies like focused ultrasound.

“As a prior intern, I have seen firsthand the awe-inspiring and infectious dedication and commitment that team members in this organization embody,” said Isabella Small, a 2016-2018 intern who now works on staff for the Foundation. “Each time I step into the office, I feel as though I am a part of a cause much greater and important than I.”

This year’s summer intern team consisted of eight individuals who worked on both non-technical and technical projects. Each intern shares their experiences below.

Jackie Brenner
BS/MD 7-Year Medical Program with Penn State and Thomas Jefferson Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Class of 2025
Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida
Project: Effects of Anesthesia with Focused Ultrasound in Glioblastoma

Zhihang ChenZhihang Chen
University of Virginia, Class of 2019, Masters in Statistics
Hometown: Hangzhou, China
1. Statistical Analysis for the Effect of Focused Ultrasound as a Strategy for Myeloid Cell Modulation and Repolarization
2. Quantitative Analysis of In-vivo Microbubble Distribution in the Human Brain

Sam ClinardSam Clinard
University of Virginia, Class of 2019, Physics
Hometown: Warrenton, Virginia
Project: Acoustic Intensity Measurement System

Hannah DeVoreHannah DeVore
University of Virginia, Class of 2019, Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia
Project: Automatic Acoustic Field Intensity Mapping Robot

Kate DieterleKate Dieterle
Gunston High School, Class of 2020, Biochemistry
Hometown: Centreville, Virginia
Project: Analyzation of Immune Cell Counts in Mice after Focused Ultrasound Treatments

Nikolai MajorinNikolai Majorin
George Mason University, Class of 2020, Information Technology
Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia
Projects: Munki Managed Software Center and Build a World Clock for the Foundation

Juliette StrubelJuliette Strubel
The University of Exeter, Class of 2022, Neuroscience
Hometown: London, England
Project: A Summary of the Focused Ultrasound Thermal Ablation Target Zones in the Brain

Randy WangRandy Wang
University of Virginia, Class of 2021, Computer Science and Math
Hometown: Chantilly, Virginia
Project: Syncing Salesforce with Editorial Manager