Donor Profile: Ray Chambers


Key Points

  • Mr. Chambers is a philanthropist, humanitarian, and an early and successful pioneer in the private equity landscape.
  • He is Ambassador to the World Health Organization for Global Strategy and Health Financing
  • Learn why he supports focused ultrasound and the Foundation.

Ray ChambersRay Chambers serves as Ambassador to the World Health Organization for Global Strategy and Health Financing. He is also chairman of both Wesray Social Investments, LLC, and the MCJ Amelior Foundation.

Most previously, he served as the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Health and for malaria when developing its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Mr. Chambers is a philanthropist and humanitarian who has directed most of his efforts toward helping children. He is the founding chairman of the Points of Light Foundation, co-founder – along with former US Secretary of State Colin Powell – of America’s Promise Alliance, and co-founder of MENTOR, The National Mentoring Partnership.

Mr. Chambers is the co-founder of Malaria No More and the founding chairman of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. He is also the former chairman of Wesray Capital Corporation, which he co-founded with William E. Simon, and the co-founder of the YES Network.

We recently spoke with Mr. Chambers about his interest focused ultrasound and what motivated him to get involved with the Foundation.

What is your connection to the Foundation?
I act as a liaison to provide strategic guidance and feedback as needed.

How did you first hear about the Foundation?
I was introduced to Dr. Neal Kassell by a mutual friend, Nathaniel de Rothschild.

What moved you to get involved?
The research demonstrating the power of focused ultrasound technology has truly amazed me. From studies on the use of focused ultrasound to temporarily and reversibly open the blood-brain barrier to the use of focused ultrasound as a noninvasive approach to shrinking cancer growths, there are many advances on the horizon. I’m excited to support this work.

What excites you most about focused ultrasound and the Foundation?
I am excited to see continued exploration of the ways that focused ultrasound can improve health and wellbeing. The Foundation’s research continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of focused ultrasound, and I expect that regulatory bodies will increasingly approve its use for a wider array of medical conditions. Focused ultrasound is proving to be a noninvasive alternative to many of our traditional medical procedures, which may provide a safer and faster option for addressing certain medical issues.

What impact to you hope to achieve through your philanthropy?
As a philanthropist, I have focused on efforts that improve health and wellbeing. Focused ultrasound is cutting-edge technology that has the potential to improve the lives of millions of people around the world, and that is very compelling.

What do you tell others about the Foundation?
I have often shared information about the technology with others who are sometimes surprised to learn that this kind of technology exists. Although focused ultrasound technology hasn’t necessarily hit the “mainstream,” it is in the process, and when it does, it will help millions of people. This is a fantastic opportunity to support the ground floor of a technology that will have a big impact on our healthcare system.