Donor Profile: Koch Disruptive Technologies


KDT logo black gradientFounded in 2017, KDT embraces disruption by promoting creative destruction — the continuous process of iterating, improving, and destroying current business models and platforms. To realize our vision, we partner with emerging high-growth companies that meet four foundational criteria: exhibit principled entrepreneurship; offer disruptive technologies; achieve mutual benefit; and show high potential.

The Foundation recently sat down with Chase Koch, president of KDT, to learn more about the company and their interest in focused ultrasound.

What is your connection to the Foundation?
KDT collaborates with the Foundation on supporting the development and promotion of focused ultrasound technology. The Foundation and Dr. Kassell have championed the growth of the focused ultrasound market for many years and have done an excellent job of helping connect people, companies, and organizations dedicated to advancing this technology. KDT also has a close connection with this technology through its first investment in Insightec – a leader in focused ultrasound technology. Insightec has benefited greatly from the awareness, research, and promotion sponsored by the Foundation.

How did you first hear about the Foundation?
We first learned of the Foundation through Insightec in the second half of 2017. Maurice Ferre, CEO of Insightec, made the introduction to Dr. Kassell.

What moved you to get involved?
At its core, KDT’s vision is to help improve people’s lives. KDT realized the incredible benefits that focused ultrasound technology offers patients and the medical community and determined that this was an important space in which to get involved. We decided to collaborate with the Foundation because we recognize the important work they do in this space and believe we can add value to the Foundation’s work.

What excites you most about focused ultrasound?
KDT sees focused ultrasound technology as a highly disruptive innovation that has the potential to help millions of patients suffering from different neurological disorders, such as essential tremor, epilepsy, oncology, and addiction issues, among others. Because so many different disease states can be treated with this technology, we see incredible potential and believe that this can make a fundamental and positive impact in people’s lives.

KDT is excited about its collaboration with the Foundation because both organizations have a shared vision that focused ultrasound can be a global platform technology. Through investment and partnership, KDT, the Foundation, and the amazing network of highly talented medical professionals seek to accelerate the market adoption of the platform as a noninvasive, highly efficacious medical treatment for critical applications.

Why do you care about focused ultrasound?
We recognize that focused ultrasound technology is a foundational technology in a platform that has the potential to help millions of people across so many different brain disorders. KDT is dedicated to supporting disruptive technologies that will help people and create a better society for all. Focused ultrasound does just that.

What impact do you hope to achieve through your philanthropy?
Through KDT’s work with the Foundation, we hope to accelerate the societal benefits that are at the heart of the Foundation’s vision and its strategies.

What do you tell others about the Foundation?
The Foundation is an entrepreneurial organization that helps its partners innovate this important technology. They do this by driving faster market adoption, promoting greater awareness of the technology and its application to certain diseases, and introducing research that would not be in the marketplace otherwise. The Foundation also focuses on education, networking, and collaboration to connect the dots across the industry.

What would you tell someone who is considering making a gift to the Foundation?
The Foundation is a values-based, patient-centric organization with a tenacious entrepreneurial passion to accelerate the revolutionary benefits of focused ultrasound technology. Through its tireless work, the Foundation is improving the lives of those who suffer from certain neurological disorders – and this is a truly inspirational mission.