Donor Profile: Bob Hirsch


After graduating from the University of Wisconsin and serving in the United States Army, Bob Hirsch joined his Chicago-based family business, Gold Eagle Co. The company manufactures products that protect and preserve vehicles, boats, and outdoor power equipment. Hirsch served as Gold Eagle’s chairman until early 2019.

Bob HirschHow did you first hear about the Foundation?
My son informed me that focused ultrasound received FDA approval for medical conditions like essential tremor and Parkinson’s tremor, and that it had the potential to treat Alzheimer’s, cancer, and many other diseases. I was eager to learn more, so I reviewed the Foundation’s website and heard Neal Kassell’s compelling presentation about the technology and the Foundation.

What moved you to get involved?
My wife, Verna, suffers from Alzheimer’s. I was encouraged to learn that, in the future, focused ultrasound may be a therapeutic option to manage and treat this devastating disease. Thanks to the Foundation and innovative researchers and clinicians, real progress is being made, like a clinical trial that investigated the temporary opening of the blood-brain barrier in patients with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s.

What excites you most about focused ultrasound and the Foundation?
Focused ultrasound is a new, noninvasive technology with many potential life-transforming benefits. The Foundation employs and collaborates closely with leading experts in the field and has an impressive Board of Directors and Council. This community is revolutionizing medical therapy as we know it today.

What impact do you hope to achieve through your philanthropy?
I hope to empower worthy organizations to fulfill their missions.

What do you tell others about the Foundation?
The Foundation is a global, results-driven organization with the amazing opportunity to help save countless lives.

What would you tell someone who is considering making a gift to the Foundation?
You couldn’t select a better recipient for your philanthropic support.