Donor Profile: Anonymous


Inspired by a presentation at TEDx Charlottesville in 2015, one Foundation donor chooses to support our mission without recognition.

anonymous crowdTell us about why you choose to be anonymous philanthropically.
I decided almost immediately to remain anonymous with my philanthropy. It is unimportant to be recognized by others who are unknown to me. My family and friends know me and know about some of the gifting, and that’s enough. Also, by being anonymous, I can be free to find my own interests.

How did you first hear about the Foundation?
My first introduction to the Foundation came four years ago with a 15-minute presentation by Dr. Neal Kassell at the TEDx Charlottesville event at the Paramount Theater. His talk was, and still is, inspiring and so full of possibilities that I was in awe. I still am.

What moved you to get involved?
One of the first hurdles for this treatment is letting folks know it exists, so I took that to be my job: talk, talk, and talk some more to anyone who would listen. It was more than a year of this talk before someone who knew me knew someone who knew someone else who worked at the Foundation, and invited me to one of their monthly “Friends and Family” luncheons. From the very first time actually meeting Neal, I knew I was hooked! I continue to regularly attend the lunches to hear the latest developments in the field. Each time I attend, I am energized and hooked again.

Why do you care about this work?
There are no personal reasons other than a desire to push forward this amazing alternate treatment for conditions that could and do benefit from focused ultrasound. Without sedation, cutting, bleeding, recovery, and the long lasting treatments that come with the trauma of serious health problems, it just seems logical to support the Foundation with its goals.

What impact do you hope to achieve through your philanthropy?
I believe that humanity will be served by the Foundation’s success, and I’d like to think I had some small part in that outcome.