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Key Points

  • Founded in 1924, Tamura Corporation is one of Japan’s oldest electronics companies.
  • It designs and manufactures piezoelectric ultrasound transducers for the focused ultrasound industry.
  • The company, known as the “King of Transformers,” is dedicated to driving innovation.

Founded in 1924, Tamura Corporation is one of Japan’s oldest electronics companies. It offers a variety of products, including piezoelectric ultrasound transducers, that are of interest to the focused ultrasound community.

We spoke with the company’s Director and Vice President, Yusaku Hashiguchi, about how the nearly 100-year-old company is driving innovation in a variety of industries.

When was the company founded?
Tamura Corporation was founded in 1924 as Tamura Radio Store. In 1935, the company introduced its first in-house, high-quality radio receiver transformer. Since then, Tamura has developed a stream of products, including a wide variety of transformer-related products, electronic chemicals, reflow soldering systems, light-emitting diode (LED) lights, broadcast audio mixing consoles, and wireless microphones.

Describe your corporate vision.
Our mission comes from the management philosophy of the founder of Tamura Corporation, Tokumatsu Tamura. He said, “We do not necessarily desire to become a large company, but our products must be the finest in the world.”

Tell us about your company structure: ownership, lead executives, and their roles.
We are fortunate to have a talented group of individuals at the director level. Naoki Tamura, who is the third generation of the Tamura family, is our Chairperson and Representative Director. Our President and Vice President are Masahiro Asada and Yusaku Hashiguchi, respectively. We have three outside directors: Takeo Minomiya, Akira Kubota, and Haruko Shibumura. Our senior executive officers are Norihiko Nanjo and Shoichi Saito. Yuji Yokoyama serves as our standing auditor, and outside auditors include Koichi Moriya and Atsuji Toda.

Tell us about your products.
The company’s reputation as the “King of Transformers” has allowed the expansion of business that ranges from solder and flux materials to transformers to broadcast audio and communications equipment, HVAC, photovoltaic (PV) inverters, and electric vehicles.

Currently, Tamura Corporation conducts business operations in three areas: electronic components, electronic chemicals & FA system, and information equipment. We strive to develop and supply products that meet the needs of new markets, such as the environment and energy markets.

Tamura Corporation’s piezoelectric ultrasound transducers

What are the benefits of your technology over other companies?
We at Tamura pride ourselves on various products, especially our piezoelectric ultrasound transducers. Our ceramics offer many beneficial features, such as high strength, wide amplitude characteristic, fit for fine processing, and a low aging rate. Applications for these ceramics include piezoelectric transformers, ultrasonic transducers, fish finder equipment, ultrasonic probes, and various types of sensors.

What distinguishes your company from others?
The biggest factor that distinguishes our technology over others is the fact that during our 100-year history, all ceramic material has been developed and produced in-house. Our high quality, made-in-Japan ceramics are produced to the highest degree with a margin error of less than 1 μm. We set such high standards so that we have the upper hand in terms of durability, reliability, efficiency, and overall quality compared to our competitors.

We have the full confidence that our products can withstand any high-powered uses (such as focused ultrasound). Our production line is also equipped with the newest robot technology, so we pride ourselves on our extremely reliable manufacturing processes.

Have your products been used for focused ultrasound research?
Yes, last year we began providing prototypes for focused ultrasound research.

What kind of customers and additional partnerships are you looking for?
We are interested in collaborating with partners who can take our products and materials to the next level and help the many causes in society. Our goal is to bridge the gap between possible and impossible, and we want clients that can help make these dreams a reality.

For business inquiries, please contact Akio Tominaga, Tamura Corporation’s Sales Division Leader, at

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