Clinical Trial Results: Focused Ultrasound Helps Chemotherapy Reach Liver Tumors


Oxford University researchers have published results from the first clinical study investigating extracorporeally triggered drug delivery using focused ultrasound in the Lancet Oncology.


Safety and Feasibility of Ultrasound-triggered Targeted Drug Delivery of Doxorubicin from Thermosensitive Liposomes in Liver Tumours (TARDOX): A Single-centre, Open-label, Phase 1 Trial presents results from 10 patients with chemotherapy-resistant liver tumors who were treated with a new delivery method that uses focused ultrasound to gently heat target tumors in order to release highly targeted chemotherapy from temperature-sensitive nanocarriers, or liposomes. The study demonstrated that, on average, this technique enables an almost four-fold increase in the drug concentration inside the tumor, mediating responses in some tumor types that do not typically respond to doxorubicin. This work has earned coverage in the oncology, precision medicine, and focused ultrasound communities.

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