CHA Medical Center is First to Treat 500 Fibroid Patients; Yonsei University Plans First OCD Trial


On June 14, 2011, GE Healthcare Korea and InSightec, Ltd. co-hosted a conference to recognize two important developments in the focused ultrasound community.

First was the attainment of the 500-patient mark by the focused ultrasound team at CHA Bundang Medical Center in Seoul. Under the leadership of Sang-Wook Yoon, MD, the team has been treating uterine fibroid patients for five years. CHA’s one-year follow up data shows that 95% of patients have experienced improvement and that 18 have either become pregnant or given birth.

The second development acknowledged at the event is the purchase of ExAblate brain and body systems by Yonsei University Medical Center. Jin Woo Chang, MD will use the new brain system to conduct the world’s first clinical trial in which patients with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) will receive MR-guided focused ultrasound therapy. Yonsei researchers are also planning clinical trials involving patients with metastatic bone tumors, low-risk and intermediate risk prostate cancers, essential tremor, and brain cancer.

The GE/InSightec event featured guest presenters including Yoon, Alessandro Napoli, MD, of the University of Sapienza, Rome and Heather Huff-Simonin of the FUS Foundation. Jin-Suck Suh, MD, of Severance Hospital at Yonsei University served as session chairman.

Photo: GE/InSightec Conference attendees included (bottom row, from left): W.S. Kim (GE Healthcare Korea), Sang-Wook Yoon, MD (CHA Hospital), Alessandro Napoli, MD (Sapienza, University of Rome), Ori Atar(InSightec), H.G. Shin(GE Healthcare Korea), Laurent Rotival (GE Healthcare Korea), Heather Huff-Simonin(FUS Foundation), Kiwoo Choi (InSightec) and S.H. Song (InSightec).

Shown in top row from the left: Y.D. Kim (GE Healthcare Korea), S.H. Chung (GE Healthcare Korea), Chris Kim (Jinsung Medical) and W.H. Song (GE Healthcare Korea)