Advocacy Update: Voice Your Support for Focused Ultrasound Funding


Key Points

  • The Foundation and our partners at MITA are asking Congress to dedicate funding for focused ultrasound research.
  • Please write to your member of Congress to express your support.
  • We provide messaging guidelines and instructions.
Capitol Building

As discussed during our virtual Congressional briefing last month, the Foundation and our partners at the Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance (MITA) are asking Congress to provide funding for focused ultrasound research. The money would be earmarked in both the Defense Appropriations Bill and as a pilot program for Veterans in the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Bill. Please write to your member of Congress to express your support for these projects! Below is a message to tailor as you like, as well as instructions on how to find your Senators and Representatives and submit your support online.

We greatly appreciate your support for our government engagement efforts – your voice makes a difference!

How to Find Your Representative
Enter your zip code or address here, and select the appropriate name. Once you are on the representative’s website, select “Contact.” Once there, you may be required to enter your zip code or address before you can submit any comments. We’d love to know when you submit a letter, so please share with

Sample Letter
Dear (Member),
I’m writing in support of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation’s FY23 Appropriations requests to the Defense and MilCon-VA bills. These requests would help to increase DoD funding for focused ultrasound therapy research, and to increase access to this life-saving therapy for Veterans. DoD investment in focused ultrasound research would catalyze the development of innovative uses of this technology to treat serious medical conditions facing many of our Warfighters that range from mental health to physical injuries and could be a valuable alternative to invasive procedures or over-medication of our service members that delay or stop the return to duty. Access to focused ultrasound therapies would put our service members and Veterans on the front line for receiving innovative health care, a proper repayment for their service and sacrifice for our nation. Thank you for your consideration.
(Your name)