Advertising Pioneer Supports Foundation


Advertising technology pioneer Michael Donovan, Vice Chairman of Mediaocean, is no stranger to revolutionary ideas. Donovan supports the Foundation’s work to ensure that a game-changing technology like focused ultrasound will fulfill its potential to transform the future of medicine. Donovan met Foundation Chairman Neal Kassell, MD, in Wyoming and was immediately captivated by the promise of medical innovation to change the world. He recently gave one million dollars to support the Foundation.

Michael Donovan“We are grateful to philanthropists like Michael who are seasoned businessmen who know and understand both the opportunities and challenges we face,” says Dr. Kassell.

Donovan added a match component to his gift – encouraging others to give and see their impact multiplied. In Donovan’s words, “the Foundation will make the adoption of the technology happen in 10 years instead of 30 years, thus impacting a large number of people. The exponential effect that the Foundation can have makes this an excellent philanthropic investment.”

Born in Panama and raised in Peru, Donovan received an engineering degree from Cambridge University before traveling to the United States to study at MIT. As founder, worldwide chairman, and CEO of Donovan Data Systems (DDS), Donovan recognizes the global impact of innovative technology and says he has “a feeling that focused ultrasound is one of the most important new developments in medicine.”

With the help of donors like Donovan, we are moving closer to a time where focused ultrasound can become a standard of care and help countless patients.