3rd Quarter 2015 Research Awards


James Drake 150Pediatric Focused Ultrasound Computational Data Center and Registry
James Drake, MD, Professor of Surgery and Head of Neurosurgery at the Hospital for Sick Children will initiate an international registry to collect data on a large cohort of pediatric patients. The purpose of the registry is to prove safety and efficacy to both government regulatory bodies and health care insurers. Patient information will include demographics, symptomatology, medication, imaging, treatment plans, intraoperative thermometry, and outcomes. Incorporation of treatment guidelines will ensure consistent treatment between centers, enabling comparative studies with existing standards of care.


Schade 150Evaluation of the Systemic Response to Boiling Histotripsy Treatment for Renal Carcinoma
Urologist George Schade, MD, at the University of Washington is looking for more efficacious, less invasive treatment strategies for renal cell carcinoma (RCC). Boiling histotripsy (BH) induced with focused ultrasound may be a promising approach because it mechanically destroys renal tumors in vivo with negligible thermal effects and may also induce an immune response. This study will 1) determine if BH ablation of RCC stimulates a systemic anti-tumor immune response and 2) evaluate the long-term oncologic effects of BH ablation of RCC in a rat model.


Posted September 2015