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Chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD
Chief Scientfic Officer Jessica Foley, PhD
Chief Medical Officer Tim Meakem, MD
Communications Manager Rachel Berry
Director of Global Relations Mike Broad
Foundation friend and goodwill ambassador Larry
Director of Digital Engagement Wes Myhre
#CES2018 in Las Vegas
Foundation booth at Unveiled – the media event in advance of CES
Foundation staff ready for the doors to open and the media to rush in for Unveiled, a special media preview event two nights before official opening of #CES2018
CEO of the Consumer Technology Association Gary Shapiro visits Foundation booth at Unveiled
Gary Shapiro at Foundation’s Unveiled booth – Gary expressed great interest in the technology and the Foundation’s work throughout #CES2018
Unpacking equipment and getting booth set up the day before #CES2018
Foundation booth set up and ready the night before CES 2018
Gary Shapiro at the #CES2018 keynote: “Who would think that best-selling author John Grisham would be here?”
Gary Shapiro at #CES2018 keynote talking about “a new technology, focused ultrasound, which has already been proven to zap tumors without invasive surgery or debilitating chemotherapy”
Foundation booth in North Lobby of Las Vegas Convention Center
Foundation staff just before convention center doors open on Day 1 of CES
A close-up look at the demo tank at the Foundation’s second booth at #CES2018
Yao-Sheng Tung from Verasonics and Jessica Lukens from the Foundation staffing our booth in South Hall
The Foundation’s second booth in South Hall managed to attract visitors, even while competing with robots for attendees’ attention
Barnes & Noble booth around the corner from Gary’s Book Club
Chairman Neal Kassell and Board member John Grisham with Gary Shapiro and a CES staff member just prior to Gary’s Book Club
Gary’s Book Club: Gary Shapiro interviews John Grisham and Neal Kassell on the CES Stage on Day 2 of #CES2018
John Grisham and Neal Kassell drop by the Foundation booth
Chief Scientific Officer Jessica Foley, PhD, provides a demo to Board member John Grisham
Neal Kassell participated in “Let’s Go Humans: Celebrating Life-Changing Tech”
NPR’s Moira Gunn interviews Foundation chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD, for Tech Nation
Packing up and heading back to Charlottesville