September 26, 2019 - ALS Clinical Trial Results Published – and more news

September 26, 2019
Focused Ultrasound for ALS: Results of First Clinical Trial Published

The findings of a ground-breaking, early stage clinical trial to assess the feasibility and safety of using focused ultrasound in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) – also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease – have been published in Nature Communications.   


The image above depicts opening the blood-brain barrier to deliver therapeutic agents. This novel approach is the ultimate goal of current research into treating ALS using focused ultrasound.
 Foundation News
Focused Ultrasound and Cancer Immunotherapy Workshop Results Now Available

Read discussion highlights and next steps from the Focused Ultrasound and Cancer Immunotherapy Workshop. 


Lockhart Memorial Prize Offered for Cancer Research

Applications are being accepted for this annual $75,000 cash award established in memory of Andrew Lockhart. 


Patient News
Meet J.D.: The First ALS Patient in Focused Ultrasound Trial

J.D. knows that what he is doing will not cure him of ALS or ease his symptoms – but he’s willing to do it anyway.


NASA Engineer Finds Focused Ultrasound Is “the Fix” for Prostate Cancer

NASA safety engineer, Victor Murray, took a pragmatic approach to his prostate cancer diagnosis and found focused ultrasound therapy to be the answer.  


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Research News
Focused Ultrasound for Parkinson’s Disease Featured in Special Issue of Journal Movement Disorders

The September 2019 issue of Movement Disorders provides an in-depth review and expert commentary on focused ultrasound research in Parkinson’s disease.


Meeting Report: Korean Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound

The Foundation’s Focused Ultrasound Ambassador to Asia, Dong-guk Paeng, PhD, shares highlights from the recent meeting of the Korean Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound.


Funding Opportunity for Scientists Pursuing Advanced Degrees

The Achievement Rewards for College Students Foundation aims to advance American innovation in science and engineering by supporting US citizens pursuing advanced degrees in the STEM fields.


Research Roundup

In this case report, a Swiss team used the Profound Sonalleve device to ablate nerves causing low back pain. 

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Industry News
Profound Medical Partners with Vituro Health

Profound Medical and Vituro Health will jointly market the TULSA-PRO device, which was recently FDA approved to ablate prostate tissue. Vituro Health offers concierge care among leading US urologists and will begin treating patients with TULSA-PRO in Sarasota, Florida. 


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