October 5, 2022 - "Focus on Hong Kong" Focus Feature

New Foundation Established to Advance Focused Ultrasound in Hong Kong...
October 5, 2022
Focus Feature: Focus on Hong Kong
New Foundation Established to Advance Focused Ultrasound in Hong Kong

In 2020, the Focused Ultrasound Hong Kong Foundation Limited (FUSHK) was established as an independent charitable organization to improve the lives of millions of people with serious medical disorders by accelerating the development and adoption of focused ultrasound. Over the past two years FUSHK has been gaining momentum while raising funds and increasing awareness for focused ultrasound in Asia.

This past spring, the US-based Focused Ultrasound Foundation and FUSHK joined together to host a virtual awareness event. This inaugural update highlighted the rapid expansion of focused ultrasound in the region and was attended by researchers, clinicians, investors, manufacturers, and philanthropists in Asia. In the future, virtual events will be held on a periodic basis and will spotlight the work of specific focused ultrasound researchers and manufacturers.

Five sites are already well established in Hong Kong. This Focus Feature highlights some of those who have contributed to the success of the technology in the region.

Focused Ultrasound in the Region

At the end of 2021, there were 17 approved clinical indications in Hong Kong among three manufacturers. Throughout Asia, there were 25 device manufacturers and 394 treatment sites, representing a 24% and 19% increase, respectively, over the prior year. Currently, 29 indications have regulatory approvals in Asia. The US-based Foundation is currently supporting 11 research projects in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. 

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Meet the Team: Q&A with FUSHK Leadership
  • FUSHK is guided by the leadership team of Jessica Che-yi Chao, Syaru Shirley Lin, PhD, and Carolyn Yeh.
  • The dynamic group shares why they became involved in FUSHK and what they see as its greatest potential.

Donor Profile: Alasdair Morrison
  • Alasdair Morrison has worked in Asia for 50 years, including as “Taipan” of Jardine Matheson and Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley Asia.
  • He is now a private investor based in Hong Kong.
  • He shares his motivations for supporting FUSHK and his hopes for the organization.

Physician Profile: Professor Brian Lang
  • Brian Hung-Hin Lang, MS, MBBS, FACS, is an endocrine surgeon and a Clinical Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Hong Kong.
  • He is also Chief of the Division of Endocrine Surgery at Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong.
  • Dr. Lang and his team have treated more than 600 patients using focused ultrasound, primarily for benign thyroid nodules.

Patient Profile: Focused Ultrasound for Benign Thyroid Nodules
  • Venus Leung, a 52-year-old Hong Kong woman with benign thyroid nodules, was successfully treated with focused ultrasound by Professor Brian Lang.
  • She recalled, “I couldn’t believe that I had undergone a treatment with better results than surgical removal, and I didn’t feel any discomfort.”
  • This profile is written in English and Chinese.

Investigator Profile: Lei Sun, PhD 
  • Lei Sun, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  • He shares his research on sonogenetics and nanoparticle-mediated, cell-type-specific ultrasound neuromodulation.

Business Strategy: Theraclion Expands Varicose Vein Treatment into Hong Kong
  • Theraclion is a French focused ultrasound manufacturer with treatment platforms for varicose veins, thyroid tumors, and breast fibroadenomas.
  • In this blog post, Theraclion's CEO, David Caumartin, discusses the company's strategic decision to enter the Asian markets, beginning with Hong Kong. 

State of the Field Report Highlights Global Landscape of Focused Ultrasound
  • Each year, the US-based Foundation assesses the field of focused ultrasound around the world for the State of the Field Report.
  • The report features data on patient treatments, regulatory approvals, reimbursement status, and the commercialization landscape.
  • According to the 2022 Report, there are 17 approved clinical indications in Hong Kong among three manufacturers.

New Interactive Map Provides Global Perspective on Focused Ultrasound
  • A new tool has been developed to help patients, scientists, and other stakeholders locate focused ultrasound treatment and research sites around the world.
  • The map shows five focused ultrasound sites in Hong Kong, three of which offer commercial patient treatments.