Focus Feature: Focused Ultrasound and Psychiatric Disorders

November 7, 2019
 Focus Feature: Focused Ultrasound and Psychiatric Disorders
Focused Ultrasound for Psychiatric Disorders

Psychiatric disorders are a group of mental illnesses that disturb an individual’s mood, thinking, and behavior, and they represent an important health concern in today’s society. In 2018, one in five US adults (47.6 million) experienced mental illness. 

Focused ultrasound therapy is being investigated to address various types of psychiatric disorders. We have compiled an overview of the current research landscape for focused ultrasound for obsessive-compulsive disorder, major depression, addiction, anorexia nervosa, aggression and disruption, and Tourette's syndrome

Meet Jeffrey: The First Patient in a Clinical Trial for OCD

In 2017, Jeffrey Kotas became the first person in North America to participate in a clinical trial investigating the safety of using focused ultrasound to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). 


Focused Ultrasound for Psychiatric Disorders Webinar

In a recent webinar, Renana Eitan, MD, discussed neurosurgical treatment options for treatment-resistant psychiatric disorders and the rationale for introducing focused ultrasound for psychiatry.


2019 Groundbreaking Preclinical Research on Neuromodulation

Neuromodulation is the reversible stimulation or suppression of neural brain activity, and until now, the exact underlying mechanisms were unclear. But, recent research has shed light on how neuromodulation occurs. 


Patient Resources

See the links below to learn more about mental health, focused ultrasound for psychiatric disorders, and available clinical trials.