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October 28th, 2011
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Focused Ultrasound wows the audience at TEDMED 2011, a high-profile gathering of “the greatest minds in health and medicine”

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The TEDMED audience uttered a collective, “Wow!” when Yoav Medan showed pre- and post-treatment handwriting samples to illustrate the life-changing outcomes being achieved by the FUS Foundation-funded Essential Tremor clinical trial. (Thank you, donors, for making these outcomes possible!)

“Mind-blowing” and “inspirational” is how TEDMED 2011 attendees described yesterday’s focused ultrasound presentation by InSightec’s Vice President and Chief Systems Architect Yoav Medan. A medical conference like no other in the world, TEDMED brings together leaders and innovators in the fields of medicine, science, business and technology. Other speakers at this year’s TEDMED conference included cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong, legendary architect Michael Graves, US Surgeon General Regina Benjamin and US Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra.

The inclusion of focused ultrasound on TEDMED’s agenda places it among an elite set of breakthroughs shared with a world-class audience. More importantly, it validates focused ultrasound’s stature as a game-changing technology and indicates the enormous impact it could have on healthcare worldwide.

The TEDMED spotlight also raises the profile of the field of focused ultrasound and provides a wonderful opportunity to increase public interest and demand for the new, noninvasive treatments being championed by the Focused Ultrasound Surgery Foundation, the FUS community and our supporters. We applaud Dr. Medan for delivering such an exciting talk, which was entitled, “Is It Still Surgery If You Don’t Cut Anything?” Although his presentation was not broadcast live, it is expected to be posted on the TEDMED website, which has extensive global reach: TED and TEDMED talks have been downloaded 500 million times around the world. We will share a link to Dr. Medan’s talk as soon as it is posted.

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