Focus Feature: Focused Ultrasound and Chronic Pain

July 10, 2019
 Focus Feature: Focused Ultrasound and Chronic Pain
Focused Ultrasound for Chronic Pain Conditions

Chronic pain is a major public health concern that has immense societal and economic impacts. Worldwide, more than 1.5 billion people suffer from some type of chronic pain. In the US alone, pain affects more than 50 million adults and costs society an estimated $560 to $635 billion, outranking heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined.

Focused ultrasound therapy is being investigated to address many types of chronic pain. We have compiled an overview of the current research landscape for several types of arthritis, bone pain, neuropathic pain, stump neuroma, and cancer pain.

Focused Ultrasound Could be a Key to Addressing the US Opioid Crisis

In recent years, the number of overdose deaths in the US involving opioids has skyrocketed, and the overuse of prescription opioids as a primary pain management tool is part of the problem. Could focused ultrasound offer a way to stem this addiction crisis?


Company Profile: FUSMobile

In 2014, FUSMobile co-founders Arik Hananel, MD, and Ron Aginsky, LLB, MBA, identified a need for a compact, mobile, and user-friendly focused ultrasound device. Less than five years later, their company has completed a pilot clinical trial using their Neurolyser device. 


Focused Ultrasound Rids Patient of Debilitating Chronic Nerve Pain

Tammy's hip pain started in 2010. When medications, surgeries, and nerve stimulator implants didn't help, she researched other options and found a focused ultrasound trial at the University of Maryland. 


Patient Resources

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