$10M Matching Pledge to Foundation

The Foundation has received a $10 million pledge of unrestricted funds from an anonymous donor that needs to be matched 1-for-1. According to the terms of the pledge agreement, this generous donor will match any gift to the Foundation dollar-for-dollar up to $10 million by 2022.

This pledge comes at a pivotal time for the Foundation, as the field is expanding at a rapid rate. With your help, we can continue to fund research that aligns with our strategic focus, which includes:
  • Brain indications – glioblastoma, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and depression;
  • Cancer immunotherapy;
  • Pancreatic cancer; and
  • Pediatrics.
The Foundation’s annual budget is $10 million for each of the next three years, and this transformational gift will help us considerably as we work to advance the field of focused ultrasound so the technology is available to help the most people in the shortest amount of time. Saving time = saving lives.

Every dollar received beginning on July 6, 2017, will be matched 1-for-1 and we have already raised $1.5 million toward our $10 million matching target.

We hope you will consider helping us meet this goal.

Be well,

Neal F. Kassell, MD
Founder and Chairman