April 8, 2021 - Year in Review Report Now Available – and more news




April 8, 2021

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Foundation’s 2020 Year in Review Report Now Available
  • See clinical milestones in focused ultrasound and highlights of the Foundation’s achievements over the past year.
  • Read how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the field.
  • Learn how you can support our efforts to advance focused ultrasound and impact the lives of countless patients worldwide.  
Foundation News
Register Now: Neuroethics for Novel Neurotechnologies Webinar
  • Novel brain technologies are rapidly moving from the laboratory to real world treatments.
  • Leaders of the Pan-Canadian Neurotechnology Ethics Collaboration and plenary speaker Helen Mayberg, MD, will discuss questions of readiness, equitable patient access, and legal and intellectual rights.
  • Join us April 19 at 3:00pm Eastern.

The Foundation Joins American Brain Coalition
  • The American Brain Coalition convenes more than 125 of the United States’ leading neurological, psychological, and psychiatric professional organizations.
  • Its mission is to reduce the burden of brain disorders to individuals, families, and society through advocacy initiatives.

Foundation to Participate in Breast Cancer Pain Management Forum 
  • Suzanne LeBlang, MD, will join a virtual forum to discuss pain management alternatives in patients with breast cancer.
  • The program was developed by the Foundation, Breast Cancer Alliance, the National Spine Health Foundation, Bluerock Care, and Theraplant.
  • Register now for the event on April 22 at 12:00pm Eastern.

More Foundation News
Apply Now: Andrew J. Lockhart Postdoctoral Fellowship in Focused Ultrasound and Immuno-Oncology | Apply now through May 31.
Patient News
Meet Tom: Essential Tremor Patient Treated Bilaterally in New Trial
  • After focused ultrasound treatment in 2019, Tom’s dominant hand was steady.
  • See his reaction to having the treatment in early 2021 for his other side as part of the bilateral trial.  
  • Eight of Tom’s 11 siblings have essential tremor, including his brother Phil who shares his story as well.

More Patient News
Galicia Launches Revolutionary Treatment for Parkinson’s | Euro Weekly News
HIFU: A New Horizon for Tremor Treatment | University of Texas Southwestern [video]
RGH Offering Non-Invasive Robotic Procedure to Treat Prostate Cancer | Rochester First [video]
Research News
First High-Grade Glioma Patient Enrolled in Clinical Trial of Sonodynamic Therapy Using Focused Ultrasound
  • A clinical trial is investigating the use of focused ultrasound to treat patients with recurrent glioblastoma and other high-grade gliomas.
  • Researchers are exploring using focused ultrasound to activate a drug to cause cell death within the tumor. 
  • The trial is ongoing at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center at Barrow Neurological Institute.

Comparative Trial of Focused Ultrasound for Uterine Fibroids Begins in the Netherlands
  • The clinical trial compares standard uterine fibroid care with focused ultrasound therapy.
  • Participants are randomly selected for each therapy but have a 2:1 chance of receiving focused ultrasound. 
  • This trial is the only way for patients in the Netherlands to access focused ultrasound for uterine fibroids.

A New Focused Ultrasound Device for Treating Breast Cancer
  • A clinical trial in France used a novel focused ultrasound device for treating breast cancer.
  • The clinical system is a breast-specific, MR-guided device with novel hardware and sophisticated targeting software. 
  • Ten patients with non-palpable, T0-stage breast cancer were treated without sedation.

New Imaging Methods Improve Focused Ultrasound Brain Treatments
  • Researchers are continually working to improve, refine, and expand the use of focused ultrasound technology.
  • A team at Stanford University investigated focus correction across the skull. 
  • An improved technique achieved better results than the standard of care in three important areas.

Visit our free, online research library of focused ultrasound publications.
More Research News
WVU Addresses Addiction Crisis with Novel Ultrasound Treatment | WVU Medicine
Industry News
An Inside Look at Obtaining Breakthrough Device Designation 
  • The FDA’s Breakthrough Devices Program allows for expedited approval of certain novel devices.
  • Acoustiic CEO Sean Taffler shares his company’s experience obtaining Breakthrough designation.
  • This blog also offers insight and advice for other manufacturers applying for the program.

Act Now: Important New Medicare Reimbursement Pathway Delayed
  • The Medicare Coverage of Innovative Technologies Pathway set to take effect March 15 has now been delayed. 
  • The pathway provides immediate, national coverage for FDA-approved breakthrough devices or diagnostics.
  • We encourage focused ultrasound companies to submit comments in support of the rule.

Focused Ultrasound Intellectual Property Update: First Quarter 2021
  • Four new US patents were issued in the first quarter of 2021 related to focused ultrasound. 
  • The Foundation tracks recent patents issued and patent applications filed with the US Patent Office related to the field.

More Industry News
Femco Construction Celebrates Completion of the Region's First MRI-Guided Focused Ultrasound Upgrade at Metro Charlotte Medical Center | Johnson City Press
Neuroethics for Novel Neurotechnologies
  • Monday, April 19, at 3:00pm Eastern
  • Leaders of the Pan-Canadian Neurotechnology Ethics Collaboration will discuss questions that arise as novel brain technologies are pioneered.
  • Hosted by the Focused Ultrasound Foundation

Advances in Pain Management in Breast Cancer and the Spine
  • Thursday, April 22, at 12:00pm Eastern
  • Presented by the Foundation, Breast Cancer Alliance, the National Spine Health Foundation, Bluerock Care, and Theraplant

Focused Ultrasound in Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Thursday, April 29, at 11:00am Eastern
  • Professor Jürgen Götz, PhD, Queensland Brain Institute (University of Queensland)
  • Hosted by the International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound

Recent Webinar Recordings
The Evolution of Prostate Care and Men's Health at the ALTA Klinik | Hosted by Profound Medical (1 hour)

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April 8, 2021 Focused Ultrasound at the Tipping Point: State of the Field and Future Applications  | WEBINAR

April 10-13, 2021 European Conference on Interventional Oncology (ECIO) 2021 | VIRTUAL MEETING

April 11-14, 2021 American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine Annual Integrative Ultrasound Meeting 2021 | VIRTUAL MEETING

April 20-22, 2021 Brainbox Workshop: Introduction to Transcranial Focused Ultrasound  | VIRTUAL MEETING

May 12, 2021 A Flexible MRgHITU Platform for Precise and Incision-free Ablative Therapies | WEBINAR

June 6-9, 2021 International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound (ISTU) 2021Gyeongju, Korea 

June 8-10, 2021 180th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) | VIRTUAL MEETING 

June 10-12, 2021 Society for Neuro-Oncology (SNO) Pediatric Conference | VIRTUAL MEETING ​​​​​

June 17-18, 2021 1st HIFUture Symposium, Lyon, France

September 25-29, 2021 Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) 2021, Lisbon, Portugal

November 18-21, 2021 26th Annual Meeting and Education Day of the Society for Neuro-Oncology | Boston, MA | Abstract submission closes May 24.