Inspired by a presentation at TEDx Charlottesville in 2015, one Foundation donor chooses to support our mission without recognition.

At just 20 years old, Sivi Krishnan noticed that his hands had begun shaking. It was manageable for decades before it suddenly worsened.

“When I was 50, my essential tremor became unbearable. I couldn’t hold a glass of water. It was extremely embarrassing, especially when I had an important meeting at work. I couldn’t shake hands, and it was something that I thought about constantly. I even used alcohol to help ease the tremors on occasion.”

The Queensland Brain Institute (QBI), based at the University of Queensland (UQ), is already home to an impressive research portfolio for attacking Alzheimer’s disease and dementia on multiple fronts. Now, a partnership led by QBI has received a new infusion of funding – in the amount of $1 million – from the Australian government’s Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) “Frontier Health and Medical Research” scheme. MRFF selected only 10 projects for the initiative’s first stage of funding, which runs for 12 months. The successful applicants from Stage One will then be invited back to compete for a multi-year investment to bring frontier medical discoveries to the public. These successful second-stage projects will represent the most ground-breaking research with the potential to save millions of lives, transform healthcare, and stimulate growth in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Tao Sun, PhD, a Research Fellow in Radiology at Harvard Medical School (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) is seeking abstracts to complete a video methods collection for the video journal, JoVE. The collection, “Focused ultrasound-mediated therapies for neurological disorders,” will compile videos of transcranial focused ultrasound experiments to increase transparency across the field.

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