For the first time, multidisciplinary teams from five Italian sites convened to share experiences, research, and best practices in focused ultrasound for neurological disorders. More than 100 people attended the workshop – including neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuroradiologists, general practitioners, residents, and fellows in training as well as representatives from the governmental health agencies – which was organized by Cesare Gagliardo, MD, of the University of Palermo and Alessandro Napoli, MD, PhD, from La Sapienza University in Rome.

Ultrasonic Neuromodulation via Astrocytic TRPA1

The 13th annual MedTech Conference, organized by the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), was held September 23-25 in Boston. More than 3,000 attendees engaged in a variety of sessions highlighting how medical technology is “Improving Health Care. Improving Lives.”

FUS Immuno cover2019 FRONTcoverAs reported this summer, the Foundation – in conjunction with the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) – hosted a Focused Ultrasound and Cancer Immunotherapy Workshop in July. More than 50 leaders in cancer immunotherapy and focused ultrasound from academia, industry, government, and advocacy met in Arlington, Virginia, to discuss the state of the field, determine next steps, and set priorities for continuing to explore using focused ultrasound in combination with several types of immunotherapy.

The content of the workshop has been captured in a white paper that is now available. This document evaluates the current body of evidence, assesses ongoing work, and creates a roadmap of preclinical and clinical projects to address knowledge gaps and burning questions.

“This workshop allowed researchers to share their efforts and ideas for future work in this area,” said Jessica Foley, PhD, the Foundation’s Chief Scientific Officer. “We are looking forward to supporting ongoing projects and new collaborations to accelerate this cutting-edge and critical work.”

Researchers and clinicians who are interested in focused ultrasound—mediated cancer immunotherapy funding, collaborations, or future events should contact Dr. Foley.

See the White Paper >

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