In April, Theraclion announced that it had obtained the CE Mark for its newly developed SONOVEIN® focused ultrasound system for the treatment of varicose veins.

Theraclion 170SONOVEIN® uses ultrasound guidance to provide patients with a treatment alternative with no particle injection, no chemical injection, and no scar. With this new addition to its group of focused ultrasound applications (joining thyroid nodules and benign breast fibroadenomas), Theraclion continues to improve the overall quality of patient care and physician access to innovative treatments.

Echotherapie veins 300The advantage of the new SONOVEIN® system, said Theraclion’s CEO, David Caumartin, is that the “…treatments can be performed almost anywhere, opening access to an ablative technique that can be performed by a whole new target group of doctors in private office settings without a complex infrastructure."

CE marking grants marketing authorization in Europe and other international countries.

See Theraclion’s Press Release >

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