In its third year, the Foundation’s summer internship program welcomed a record 12 students to collaborate with the Foundation staff. With so many hands on deck, many teamed up to tackle more complicated projects.

2014 Summer_Interns_2

“This year’s group of summer interns made great contributions to research,” says the Foundation’s Director of Extramural Research, Matt Eames, PhD. “Their work resulted in a publication submission, and many will join us at the Symposium to present their work. The Foundation team enjoys guiding these students, and we feel energized by their fresh insight into some complex projects.”

Claude Moore Foundation logoThe 2014 program was generously funded by and named in honor of the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation. “Establishing the Claude Moore Summer Internships supports our mission to cultivate the next generation of focused ultrasound researchers,” said the Foundation’s Director of Development, Pamela Minetti.

Meet our Interns

IMG 1068_smOlivia Hatch, St. Lawrence University, Class of 2015
Apoorva Iyer, University of Virginia, Class of 2015
Chris Roth, University of Virginia, Class of 2015
Transducer characterization using the ONDA scanning system

Ted Kelly, Stanford University, Class of 2011
Monteith Epilepsy Feasibility Study, FUSF disease and condition database

Andrew Kopca, The College of William and Mary, Class of 2015
The Focused Ultrasound Foundation's Entry in China

FUSF2014Council 075_smZack Larrabee, University of Virginia, Class of 2015
Farhan Qureshi, University of Virginia, Class of 2015
Thermochromic Phantom

Meredith Lee, Cornell University, Class of 2016
A comparison of thermal and radiation treatment

Anders Quigg, University of Virginia, Class of 2014
Modeling Skull Interactions in Ultrasound Brain Surgery

IMG 1079_smBenjamin Sela, University of Maryland College Park, Class of 2018
MRI temperature and thermal dose mapping

Matthew Thames, University of Virginia School of Medicine & Darden School of Business (dual-degree program), Class of 2015
The Launch of MR-guided Focused Ultrasound for Essential Tremor: Determination of a go to market strategy for a disruptive therapeutic medical device in the United States

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