Institut Langevin, Paris, France 

Project: Detect and localize cavitation activity to improve safety of thermal necrosis by HIFU

Guillaume2 300Project Goal and Overview
In brain studies, we can currently detect cavitation but we cannot pinpoint its location. However, this localization is crucial in order to know if cavitation occurs inside the brain of the patient (and is consequently potentially hazardous) or outside the skull (which is safe). I wanted to test a protocol that I’ve done in Paris on the Insightec brain system, Exablate 4000. It is a first step to assess the performance of the method developed in vitro in France on a clinical system.

I am currently analyzing data collected during my internship. The first results are encouraging but I need more time to understand what they really implies.

"Our project in Paris is at an earlier stage, as we don’t have a clinical system. So it is a great opportunity for me to collaborate with a research team that currently works with a clinical brain therapy device." -on why he was initially interested in working at the Foundation

"If we succeed, the ability to upgrade a clinical system with cavitation localization capabilities is a big achievement to improve the efficiency and safety of brain therapy." -on how his accomplishments will impact the field of focused ultrasound

"You’re at the heart of the focused ultrasound international community. So enjoy your time and develop your network!" -his advice to 2017 interns

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