Matt Eames, PhD to succeed Hannah Edelen, JD

Matt Eames, PhD, Brain Program senior project engineer, is stepping in to lead the Research Awards Program succeeding Hannah Edelen, JD, who is leaving the Focused Ultrasound Foundation at the end of July.  Eames will assume a new title, Director of Extramural Research, to encompass his accountabilities for research awards and for the Brain Program research he will continue doing.  Eames will oversee the research awards funding cycle set to begin with the August 2 submission deadline for full proposals. He will also organize the next quarterly meeting of the Program Funding Committee which will select new research award recipients.

Eames earned his doctorate in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Virginia performing research in the design, modeling, fabrication, and characterization of combined diagnostic/therapeutic ultrasound transducers. He joined the Foundation’s Brain Program in late 2009 and has been actively engaged in technical research related to transcranial applications of focused ultrasound. 

“Matt an outstanding independent investigator and has an affinity for the administrative aspects of research. He is poised to take our Research Awards Program to the next level of success,” says Focused Ultrasound Foundation Chairman Neal Kassell, MD. “Hannah did a fabulous job and has been a valued member of the team. Everyone liked working with her, and she will definitely be missed.”

Edelen assumed responsibility for the Research Awards Program in December 2008 when it was still in its infancy. She oversaw the quadrupling of its funding totals, continuous process and program improvement and consistent attainment of success metrics.  

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