A training program that seeks to expedite the development of targeted cancer therapies using nanoporation and MR-guided focused ultrasound has been scheduled for March 27 through April 1, 2011 in Haifa, Israel.

Sponsored by the University of Dundee, CapsuTech and InSightec, the first Nanoporation Spring School will offer advanced training and development to four early stage and 12 experienced researchers from partner organizations and from the worldwide focused ultrasound community. The school’s key ives are to:

  1. Create a core group of career researchers in nanoporation by providing multi-disciplinary training and cutting-edge methodologies;
  2. Develop low energy ultrasound, focused, targeted local sonication protocols that will increase the permeability of cancer cells and release active therapeutics from nanocapsules and other drug carriers;
  3. Significantly enhance (by several orders of magnitude) the uptake of known anti-cancer agents following systemic administration and limit this increased uptake only to the tumor cell population using novel ultrasound.

More information about the Nanoporation Spring School >

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