December 11, 2019 – The University of Virginia has opened a clinical trial to assess the safety of using focused ultrasound to treat advanced solid tumors. Researchers will investigate patients’ immune response in tumor tissue following focused ultrasound ablation. Focused ultrasound may be administered alone or in combination with a cancer immunotherapy drug (PD-1 antibody blockade), which itself has been proven effective in treating various forms of skin, lung, renal, and other cancers, and topical imiquimod, which can be used to enhance immune-mediated responses to tumors in the skin.

The press release below was originally issued by Physics for Medicine Paris. Read the release on their site > 

December 5th, 2019 – The Focused Ultrasound Foundation is inaugurating today a new Center of Excellence for therapeutic ultrasound in France, in the laboratory Physics for Medicine Paris (head: Mickael Tanter – Inserm/ESPCI Paris/PSL University/CNRS).

Charlottesville, Virginia, October 24, 2019 – The Foundation is pleased to announce that Narendra (Naren) Sanghvi, PhD, has joined the team in the newly created role of Resident Focused Ultrasound Guru.

Charlottesville, Va., April. 15, 2019 – Focused Ultrasound Foundation Chairman, Neal F. Kassell, MD, was the keynote speaker at Analyst & Investor Day at the University Club in New York, NY, on April 11. The event was a first-of-its-kind gathering in the field of focused ultrasound and included key researchers, clinicians, financial analysts and institutional investors from around the world. The meeting was hosted by Profound Medical Corp., which provides a therapeutic platform combining real-time magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound technology for the precise, incision-free ablation of diseased tissue.

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