Each year, the Foundation’s Global Internship Program offers students who are interested in focused ultrasound the opportunity to work with esteemed mentors in the field.

global intern deardenThe internships are offered as part of the Foundation's Charles Steger Focused Ultrasound Internship Program, and positions are open to high school and undergraduate university students who have the written support of a mentor working in the field of focused ultrasound.

In 2018, the Foundation sponsored 20 global interns at 14 different institutions worldwide. Five of these interns were students currently enrolled in high school, a record number for the program. See the 2018 Global Interns >

Additionally, global interns have the opportunity to submit abstracts to present their work at the Foundation’s biennial Symposium. In 2018, high school student Brooke Ma earned the highest peer-reviewed rating among submissions from the 2017 and 2018 interns. She earned travel support to attend the meeting and present her abstract, “Effects of focused ultrasound on delivery of intranasal GDNF DNA particles to the rat brain.”

Learn more about the program >

How to apply

The following materials are required for an application to be considered:
  1. Student NIH-formatted biosketch OR resume.
  2. Student letter outlining the project planned and anticipated benefits of the internship.
  3. Signed letter from the Mentor confirming his or her support of the student.
  4. Mentor NIH-formatted biosketch.
Application materials must be submitted electronically by way of a single e-mail including all required documents to . The deadline for this application is 11:59pm Eastern on April 21, 2019.

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