Many readers of this newsletter know about TEDMED, the annual high-profile, mover and shaker event. It brings together a roster of health, information and technology professionals and pioneers who share their personal stories and spotlight developments and ideas that are shaping healthcare's future. Key goals of TEDMED are to give thought leaders from various disciplines and industries an opportunity to learn from each other and to collectively address major problems in healthcare.

His key goals are: 1) Remind the audience of the Hippocratic Oath (Firstly, do no harm) and the need/desire to respect patients' physical and mental integrity; 2) describe MRgFUS technology and how it can revolutionize surgery while attaining this goal; and 3) show how the treatment actually transforms patients' lives to a point where they feel "reborn."

Medan, who describes himself as a long-time TEDMED fan, hopes that his presentation will have a positive impact on the field of MR-guided focused ultrasound. "I realize the power of TEDMED in sharing ideas and think it is an excellent venue for spreading the idea of MRgFUS. I do realize that I am acting as an ambassador for the community," he notes.

All TEDMED 2011 presentations are expected to be posted online, and a link to Medan's talk will be provided in a future issue of this newsletter.

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