As focused ultrasound becomes more widespread, many more patients’ lives are being transformed – especially those with movement disorders like essential tremor and Parkinson’s. Watch three patients share their stories about how the treatment changed their outlook through the news media.


lebenthal cnbc

Alexandra - Essential Tremor

Alexandra, an essential tremor patient who was treated at Weill Cornell Medicine appeared with her doctor on CNBC’s Squawk Box. The pair shared her story and the future potential for focused ultrasound. Watch the video >

Also see Alexandra and Dr. Kaplitt sit down with Charlie Rose on PBS >

Ron smRonald - Parkinson's Disease

Ronald suffered for more than 14 years with Parkinson’s disease before he participated in a clinical trial at Ohio State University. The Columbus Dispatch follows Ron through treatment and his immediate results. Read his story >   Watch the video >


BBC patientSelwyn - Essential Tremor

The BBC featured Selwyn, a painter and decorator whose essential tremor had made working a challenge. He was treated at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Watch the video >




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