Last week, Foundation Chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD, and Board member and best-selling author, John Grisham, were interviewed via Zoom by medical research activist, philanthropist, and financier Mike Milken about the potential of focused ultrasound to address today's most vexing health conditions as part of the Milken Institute’s 2020 Future of Health Summit.

milken future of health screenshotThe annual Summit, which “convenes the best minds in the world to confront the most significant health challenges by matching human, financial, scientific, and educational resources with innovative and impactful ideas,” focused this year on the converging crises of public health, economic insecurity, and social injustice. The virtual event drew more than 125 speakers and 1,000 participants, including leaders in business, government, philanthropy, and academia.

“Mike has been a champion of medical innovations since the 1970s and a Foundation Council member since 2012,” said Neal F. Kassell, MD, Chairman of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation. “His support of the organization and our mission to accelerate the widespread adoption of focused ultrasound is just one of many ways Mike seeks to impact humanity and do good in the world. We greatly appreciated – and enjoyed – the lively discussion and are grateful for the opportunity to continue reaching new audiences with the story of focused ultrasound, which is truly creating a revolution in therapy that is going to impact the lives of literally millions of people.”

The 50-minute discussion – which included topics ranging from the evolution of the technology and status of research and development; to Neal’s operating on President-elect Joe Biden’s brain aneurysms in the 1980s; to all three men’s personal connections to diseases that are currently being researched as potential treatment options for focused ultrasound – was livestreamed on Tuesday, December 8th and shared widely on social media.

Added Mr. Grisham, “A technology that started out with just one approved use has now morphed into more than 130 potential indications, thanks in large part to the efforts of Neal and the Foundation, and conversations like these that educate more people about what we’re trying to do, which is save countless lives in the shortest time we can. It’s important work and I’m honored to be a part of it to help push this technology to the finish line which is widespread acceptance.”

Said Mr. Milken during the interview, “The idea that noninvasive soundwaves can get rid of bad cells in your body is something that I really get excited about... and I look forward to the progress of focused ultrasound, and the promise of this noninvasive treatment for so many indications, helping so many people.”

Watch "The Novelist & the Neurosurgeon: Pushing the Boundaries of Medical Research" on the Future of Health Website >

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