Overview & Goal
The circumstances of my internship are unusual because I am a high school student in a program designed for college students (Catonsville High School, Cantonsville, MD, Class of 2014 Considering University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University.) I worked on several data organization projects, and also helped Meredith Lee on her article comparing focused ultrasound treatment with gamma knife surgery. I assisted with drafting small portions of the article and learned a lot about research through this process.

I had no specific goal for these projects other than completing them. However, I did set out with the goal of learning as much as I could about focused ultrasound and the biomedical engineering field as a whole while participating in the program.

Why were you initially interested in working with the Focused Ultrasound Foundation?
The internship seemed like a good opportunity to learn more about the biomedical field. After I learned what focused ultrasound was, I was immediately fascinated by the technology and wanted to learn as much as I could about it.

What was the most important learning point of your internship experience?
Being in this program was the first time that I had been given the chance to apply what I had learned in school to a real-world setting. It amazed me how every seemingly trivial piece of information I had learned suddenly became applicable. It was the first time I had seen math in action in the real world.

What is your dream job?
My dream job is to be a math teacher. I love biology and math, and I love all the applications that these subjects have in the world of medicine. While I want to pursue a career as a biomedical engineer, I would love to be a math teacher down the road after I have gotten a chance to spend some time working as an engineer.

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