Matt Eames, PhD, senior project engineer for the Focused Ultrasound Foundation's Brain Program, filed this report from Heidelberg, Germany where he is attending the annual conference of the International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound (ISTU):

A special highlight of the 2012 International Society of Therapeutic Ultrasound meeting was yesterday’s  (June 12, 2012) presentation of the Fred Lizzi Early Career Award and the William and Frank Fry Award for outstanding contributions to therapeutic ultrasound. This year’s Lizzi Award was shared by two researchers, Constantin Coussios, PhD (University of Oxford, UK) and Nathan McDannold, PhD (Harvard University, USA). The Fry Award recipient was Gail ter Haar, PhD (Institute of Cancer Research, UK).

Following ISTU tradition, last year's award recipients delivered the Lizzi Award Lecture and Fry Award Lecture. Jean-Francois Aubry, PhD (Institut Langevin, France) delivered the Lizzi Lecture. His talk was entitled, "The Matrix," and described the optimal refocusing of an ultrasound wavefront through aberrating layers, with both transcranial and transcostal examples. In the Fry Award Lecture, Kullervo Hynynen, PhD (University of Toronto, Canada) delivered a lecture on the historical perspective on FUS, and closed with the conclusion that FUS needs clinical champions to achieve success as a fully reimbursed and accepted treatment modality.

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