Non-invasive Ultrasonic Neuromodulation of Neuronal Excitability for Treatment of Epilepsy

A focused ultrasound neuromodulation study reported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences was selected as the cover story for the journal Theranostics.

Research Roundup 2019 smResearchers at the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology developed and tested a novel noninvasive, low intensity pulsed focused ultrasound neuromodulation regimen that successfully inhibited seizure activity in non-human primates. Furthermore, the team’s related in vitro experiments in biopsy specimens from epileptic patients found the regimen to inhibit epileptiform activities with an efficiency exceeding 65 percent. The press release states that, “This is the first time that low intensity pulsed ultrasound improved electrophysiological activities and behavioral outcomes in a non-human primate model of epilepsy and suppressed epileptiform activities of neurons from human epileptic slices.” The next question is: Can this focused ultrasound neuromodulation regimen be used to treat epilepsy in humans?
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