Focused ultrasound is theme of January 2012 Neurosurgical Focus

Selection brings FUS to the attention of the neurosurgical community

Focused ultrasound is the theme of the January 2012 issue of Neurosurgical Focus, a peer-reviewed, online publication produced by the Journal of Neurosurgery (JNS) Publishing Group which is the scholarly publication arm of the American Association of Neurosurgeons.

Free to the public, Neurosurgical Focus is considered a state-of-the-art 'textbook chapter' in the field of neurosurgery. “Having focused ultrasound selected as a topic is significant. It indicates that the JNS considers FUS to be a topic that is sufficiently developed and important enough to devote an issue to it,” explains John Snell, PhD, technical director of the FUS Foundation’s Brain Program. “While the recent coverage in TIME Magazine highlighted the technology to a general audience, this issue of Neurosurgical Focus will bring focused ultrasound to the attention of the neurosurgical community. This further underscores that we have turned a corner with the technology.”

The January 2012 Neurological Focus can be accessed at:

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