Our annual progress report on the activities of the Foundation and the advancing field of focused ultrasound has been released.


"In 2011 the revolution began in earnest as judged by a palpable increase in the enthusiasm and interest of stakeholders in the focused ultrasound community, including physicians, scientists, manufacturers, patients, regulatory agencies, investors, payers and the media. The spark that ignited the revolution was the essential tremor clinical trial organized by the Foundation and conducted in partnership with the University of Virginia and InSightec, the manufacturer of the focused ultrasound device used in the trial.

Capitalizing on years of hard work, innovation and risk-taking by many pioneers in industry and academia, the essential tremor trial demonstrated the enormous potential of the technology. If focused ultrasound can be used to safely reverse a long-standing neurological disability and improve quality of life by noninvasively treating an area deep in the brain through the intact scalp and skull with extreme precision and accuracy in a fully awake patient, we believe it’s also potentially capable of successfully and safely treating less sensitive tissues such as breast, liver, prostate and bone."

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