With grant support from Insightec and promotional assistance from Fibroid Relief, the newly formed Fibroid Education Center held an event on June 12 in Boca Raton to launch its “Curawave” focused ultrasound treatment center. FEC eventNearly 300 people gathered at the Mizner Park Cultural Center to listen to presentations by radiologist Dr. Suzanne LeBlang and OB-GYN Dr. Rebecca Stern on uterine anatomy, surgical treatment options, and the Curawave focused ultrasound method. At the conclusion of the event, about half of the 200 fibroid patients who attended said they would like to be contacted by the center to determine if they are a candidate for Curawave.

“It was overwhelming to see so many women in one place who shared health problems related to uterine fibroids and who wanted to explore alternatives to surgical treatment,” said Dr. LeBlang, who is Medical Director for the Fibroid Education Center and the Foundation’s Chief Medical Officer. “We were able to engage and educate them about the various treatment options and answer specific questions about treating this life-altering condition. The audience was excited to hear that nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment options are available!”

The Fibroid Education Center website offers a call center with clinical support to answer patients’ questions and provide information about uterine fibroids, instant chat (online messaging with the call center), and a treatment options quiz. Their next event is scheduled for July 20 at Lord & Taylor in Boca Raton. Insightec and the other stakeholders hope to expand the Fibroid Education Center model to include many locations and reach more women throughout the US and beyond.

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