• A history and review in World Neurosurgery states that “as the quest for minimally invasive and noninvasive therapeutics continues to define the new neurosurgery, the focused ultrasound evolves to join the neurosurgical armamentarium.” Read the article.
  • Researchers at Columbia University used focused ultrasound to introduce neuroprotective and regenerative molecules across the blood-brain barrier. Read the article.

  • The Journal of Evidence Based Medicine includes a review on focused ultrasound for pancreatic cancer. Read the article.

Ultrasound Guidance
  • Leading physicists review focused ultrasound-guided therapy under ultrasound, rather than MRI, guidance. Read the article.

  • A German medical review on uterine fibroid treatment includes focused ultrasound. Read the article.
  • Focused ultrasound is being used for several gynecologic indications in China. Read the article.

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