The Andrew J. Lockhart Postdoctoral Fellowship in Focused Ultrasound and Immuno-Oncology was established in January 2021 through the generosity of the Lockhart family, who are longtime supporters of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation. This one-year fellowship will pair early-career focused ultrasound investigators with immunology laboratories and/or immuno-oncology investigators with focused ultrasound laboratories. The award will provide a one-year stipend of $75,000.

lockhart 225This fellowship is intended for those at an early stage of their career who have not yet established their own laboratory. Ideally, the most recent doctoral degree (PhD, MD, DMD, DVM, or equivalent) will have been received no more than five years before the application is submitted.

The Foundation is also aware that personal circumstances may impact career trajectories.  Applicants who have taken leave from their career (e.g. parenting of a child, childbirth, long-term care of a parent/spouse/child/dependent, personal health issues) that puts them outside of the eligibility time frame for this award should feel free to reach out to Foundation staff to discuss their potential eligibility.

Applicants for the 2021 Lockhart Postdoctoral Fellowship should submit a letter (not to exceed two pages) documenting their achievements to date and expected accomplishments in the field of focused ultrasound and immuno-oncology in the next three to five years. Applicants should supply supporting documentation from the sponsoring institution describing the nature of the proposed educational opportunity and research project(s). Emphasis on collaborative research is encouraged. In addition, two letters of reference are required.

Please submit applications and/or nominations by Tuesday, June 15, to Jessica Foley at . A review committee chosen by the Foundation will select the annual recipient of the fellowship.

Fellows are required to provide a report at the end of the year documenting the educational experience and the results of their research project(s). In addition, fellows will be required to present at the Foundation’s biennial International Symposium.

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