Al Jazeera's program "The Cure" follows Sunny, an essential tremor patient at Ohio State University as she undergoes focused ultrasound to ease her tremors.  

Neurophysiologist Dr. Elizabeth Healey meets Sunny, an artist who has had tremors since she was just seven years old. They have gotten so bad that she is now unable to pursue her hobby and even drink without using a straw.

Dr. Vibhor Krishna at the Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center explains how focused ultrasound works and how it is able to ease tremors in these patients. Then, we watch as Sunny is treated, and immediately her tremors are stilled.

"It's going to affect practically every movement I make. Absoultely everything," she says. "I had been hoping for years, and I guess sometimes hopes come true."


aljazeera the cure sunny


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